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    The foamed concrete represents new and more perfect aspect of the warm concrete. The Foamed concrete has been used successfully in construction during the last few decades, but for the present it is poorly known in Moldova. On the appearance and the internal structure it represents itself as fossilized foam from the Portland cementer solution. This solution consists of great deal of the tiny bubbles of air. Due to such filling with air, the foamed concrete is very easy and differs by the small heat conductivity, low transmission that is not present at usual concrete.

Basic advantages of the foamed concrete

    The advantage of the foamed concrete in comparison with other kinds of building materials consists in the simplicity of technology, variety of products, and the big range of the set physic technical characteristics of the material. It is practically eternal material. The foamed concrete does not absorb moisture; it is not subject to rotting. The cellular structure of the foamed concrete has the low heat transfer that allows refusing additional heaters; after certain period of time the foamed concrete only improves the heat-insulating parameters. The buildings from the foamed concrete are capable to accumulate heat that allows cutting expenses on heating.

    The foamed concrete does not burn. It has high fire-prevention stability and corresponds to the first degree of fire resistance.

    There are differences between the concrete, the brick and the foamed concrete, which consist in sound absorbing. Ease of the foamed concrete and the big sizes increase speed of the laying; the simplicity of a lying is reached by accuracy of the linear sizes. The foamed concrete blocks can be put on the glue that reduces cold space inside of the walls. Also due to the ease in processing and finishing work it is possible to cut channels and apertures under pipes, electro posting and other. Moreover, it is possible to give various forms. One of the most important qualities of the foamed concrete is the environmental acceptance. The microclimate is the same, as well as in wooden houses - the walls breathe, but do not decay. On thermal and mechanical properties from all materials the cellular foamed concrete is the closest to wood and it is both easily processed and good in clogging.

Foamed concrete application field

  • The heat insulation of roofs - the foamed concrete of the low-density gives excellent thermal properties of isolation.
  • The filling of ditch cavities - the foamed concrete does not settle, does not demand surface vibration and has excellent characteristics on distribution of loading, providing high quality filling.
  • The filling of emptiness - the foamed concrete very fluid, that is why it is possible to fill up any emptiness, even in the most remote places through small apertures.
  • The partitions - the walls, may be molded direct from the foamed concrete on a certain place.
  • The blockings - the foamed concrete may be used both for alignment and for manufacturing and further monolithic blockings. It is quickly and cheap.
  • The substrates of the roads - the roads, constructed from the foamed concrete as a substrate, have smaller weight, and also do not so settle in a soft ground as roads where the road metal is standard used.
  • The blocks and panels - the blocks and panels from the foamed concrete are superficial and may be easily made under the specification of the Customer in a wide range of the sizes, durability and density.