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General construction projects we perform:

  • Construction of buildings
  • Construction of engineering constructions
  • Reconstructions
  • Strengthening of bearing designs
  • Manufacturing and installation of metal designs
  • Finishing work
  • Engineering networks
  • Manufacture and stacking of foam concrete
  • Installation of building woods and towers

Delivery of the equipment

    The firm carries out sale and delivery of building materials and the equipment under the order, consulting on installation and introduction in operation.

The equipment and materials, which are used:

  • High-power heaters (electrical, on liquid fuel or gas) for drying of the premises.
  • The compressor equipment.
  • Air-lines (up to 20 atmospheres).
  • The pneumotool.
  • Concrete mixers.
  • Building woods and towers.
  • Elevating cranes.
  • Accessories and auxiliary facilities for construction.
  • A timbering panel board.
  • Plaster units.
  • Bunker for submission of concrete.
  • Waterproof plywood for a timbering.
  • Paints for internal and external works. Manufactured in Canada.